Pro-Call Mains Monitor

The Pro-Call Mains Monitor continually monitors and reports on the health of the mains power supply (Eskom) and uninterrupted power supplies (UPSes). If the mains or UPS power to an unmanned location fails, SMS messages are sent to up to six cellphones. Once power is restored, different messages are sent to inform that all is again in order.


Housed in a refurbished steel or plastic UPS cabinet, the Pro-Call Mains Monitor contains an internal backup battery and charger, a GSM engine and mains monitoring facilities for up to six supplies (model dependent). Power failure and restoral SMS messages are sent to up to six cellphones whenever the status of a monitored power supply changes.

Suitable for end-user installation, the Mains Monitor gives one peace of mind in knowing that all systems are up and running.

Different models of the Pro-Call Mains Monitor provide solutions for multiple requirements - see brochure for details:

  • GSM engine and circuitry monitors mains failure and up to five UPS supplies.
  • "Power Failed", "Power Restored" and "System Health" SMSes may be sent to up to six cellphones.
  • Easy installation - simply plug-in using "computer-style" cables, and switch on..
  • "Power Failed", "Power Restored" and "System Health" SMS messages may be sent to up to six cellphones.
  • Remotely programmable over the GSM network.
  • Optional log-files stored on remote server.
  • Power On/Off switch with LED.
  • Mains powered with internal rechargeable sealed lead-acid backup battery.
  • Standby time in case of mains failure - 48 hours approx.
  • Housed in refurbished steel or plastic "desktop" UPS-style cabinet.

We will supply a SIM card, program the unit and add customised messages before delivery. Thereafter you can call us whenever needed for remote advice and assistance.