Access Control

The Pro-Call Sentry provides secure, problem-free controlled access to private homes, residential complexes, factories, or office complexes – open a gate or door using a cellphone without cost to either party!

Allow and control access for visitors and contractors and log all gate openings.




Intercom Systems

Pro-Call Doorman GSM intercoms provide economic and ultra-reliable solutions for alerting residents of private homes, buildings, residential complexes and industrial facilities that visitors are requesting  access. Crystal-clear sound, and easy operation.

A no-charge access control system is incorporated into all Doorman GSM intercoms.



Monitoring Systems

The Pro-Call Mains-Monitor monitors the health of the mains power supply and uninterrupted power supplies (UPSes). If the mains power to a critical unmanned location fails, or if a UPS fails, SMS messages are sent to up to six cellphones.

Once power is restored, different messages are sent to inform that all is again in order.