About Us

Cellphone Systems supply and support messaging, control and inter-communication equipment working on Global System for Mobile (GSM) cellphone networks.

Our users are able to remotely gain information and control electrically operated systems. Some typical uses are being informed by SMS messages if a pump fails to start, or a cold room becomes too warm, a centre pivot irrigation system jams or a burglar alarm is activated. By sending an SMS, the user is also able to remotely perform actions such as resetting an alarm system, starting a pump, or opening a gate. In fact, any electrically controlled or electrically measureable function may be performed.

We also supply and install a range of reliable GSM intercom systems providing clear communication and no-charge access.

Cellphone Systems have trained installers in most major Centers, nationwide.

By not being tied to one manufacturer, Cellphone Systems are able to supply and install the best product from many "similar sounding" products, thus you are assured of getting the optimum solution for your requirements. If you prefer to have an installer of your choice install the system, we will assist by providing remote programming and diagnostic assistance.

Installers, if you would like to become an approved Cellphone Systems installer, please call us.