Reporting & Control

Know the status of equipment and remain in control - at all times!
Cellphone Systems have ideal solutions allowing the fast implementation of simple reporting and control solutions
as well as complex machine-to-machine, automatic control systems.  

Pro-Call Reporter

The Pro-Call Reporter provides remote status reporting of up to seven digital and analogue inputs by SMS (model dependent). Almost anything that can be measured electrically can be reported – know if a genset is running and the fuel-level, what is the level of a dam, the status of a machine, pump, or alarm system. You can also remotely control electrical devices, such as centre-pivot pumps, heaters, gates, or control valves, or arm or disarm an alarm system!

Pro-Call Reporter M2M Ready-Box

The Pro-Call Reporter M2M "ready-box" provides a straight-forward approach to the implementation of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. The Reporter M2M incorporates everything necessary to accept signals from level switches, setpoint controllers and other signalling devices and transmit information and control signals by SMS to cellphones and other remote Reporter M2M units to start or stop pumps, blowers and other electrically controlled devices. One device providing multiple quick solutions!