Pro-Call Reporter M2M Ready-Box

The Pro-Call Reporter M2M "ready-box" provides a straight-forward approach to the implementation of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. The Reporter M2M incorporates everything necessary to accept signals from level switches, setpoint controllers and other signalling devices and transmit information and control signals by SMS to cellphones and other remote Reporter M2M units to start or stop pumps, blowers and other electrically controlled devices. One device providing multiple quick solutions!

Supplied as a ready-to-install unit, in a splash-proof plastic housing, the Pro-Call Reporter M2M Ready-Box incorporates a Pro-Call Reporter GSM unit, a mains power supply and NiCad standby battery, plus two heavy current relays capable of switching mains power. Even the mains power lead is supplied!

Here is an example of how a farmer can use our Pro-Call Reporter M2M ready-boxes to remotely control a borehole pump - start when a hilltop reservoir drops to a low water level, and stop when full.

  • Two float switches are connected to a Reporter M2M ready box at the reservoir.
  • When the water level drops to the low limit, SMS signals are sent to another Reporter M2M unit at the borehole instructing it to energise one of the Reporter's high-current mains relays connected in parallel with the pumps "Start" switch.
  • When the reservoir is full, another float switch signals the hill-top Reporter M2M to inform the pump-side Reporter to stop the pump; the second relay, connected in series with the Stop switch of the pump, pulls in, thus stopping the pump.

Since all the electronics required are contained in one splash-proof cabinet, pre-wired and ready to go, implementation is quick and easy! Even the SIM-card is provided and managed by Cellphone Systems.

Our experienced instrumentation engineers offer free telephonic and email assistance to you get your application up and running.