Pro-Call Reporter

The Pro-Call Reporter provides remote status reporting of up to seven digital and analogue inputs by SMS (model dependent). Almost anything that can be measured electrically can be reported – know if a genset is running and the fuel-level, what is the level of a dam, the status of a machine, pump, or alarm system. You can also remotely control electrical devices, such as centre-pivot pumps, heaters, gates, or control valves, or arm or disarm an alarm system!

When the state of up to six electrical inputs (model dependent) changes from high to low, or vice versa, the Pro-Call Reporter will send a detailed message to up to seven cellphones or other Reporter units.

Electrical circuits can also be switched on, off or pulsed by sending a coded SMS to the Reporter making full Machine to Machine (M2M) communication possible by using two or more Pro-Call Reporter units. For example, when the level of a dam supplying a centre pivot drops below a certain level, a Reporter located at the dam could send a message commanding another Reporter located at the borehole pump to start; when the dam is full, another command will be sent to stop pumping. However, if the pump fails to start or the dam level drops below critical, other SMSes can be sent to stop the pivot and summons maintenance personnel.

Different models of the Pro-Call Reporter provide solutions for multiple requirements - see brochure for details:

  • Up to six individually programmable digital or analogue Inputs.
  • Up to two programmable open-collector or relay outputs.
  • Programmable power/battery status reporting.
  • Remotely programable selective message reporting to up to six cellphones.
  • Every status change may be reported with a unique message.
  • Daily health and status reports.

Cellphone Systems have experienced industrial instrumentation engineers available to advise you on specialised applications. We will also supply a SIM card and program the unit before delivery thus making installation easier. After installation you can call us whenever needed for remote advice and assistance.