Pro-Call Sentry

The Pro-Call Sentry provides controlled access to gates or doors by means of a "dropped call" for users registered on the unit, without any cost to either the user or the owner of the unit. Different models of the Sentry are available, each suited to slightly different applications.

On phoning the Pro-Call Sentry from either a cellphone or a fixed-line telephone, the number of the calling telephone is compared to a list of phone numbers registered on the Sentry unit. If the comparison is successful, the call is dropped without any cost to either party and the gate is opened. However, If the number of the calling party does not exist in the list of registered users, the call is simply dropped without opening the gate.

Different models of the Pro-Call Sentry provide solutions for multiple requirements - see brochure for details:

  • No-cost opening of a gate or door for authorised users by means of a "dropped call".
  • Please-Call-Me operation for registered users without airtime.
  • Daily logs automatically emailed informing of all gate openings.
  • Web-based updating of authorised user list.
  • Future-Date activation and de-activation of residents, puts the end-of-month chaos to bed.
  • Easy-Enroll addition of new users under supervisor control.
  • Visitor Access System allows residents to register visitors without management intervention.
  • Programmable timers may be set to keep a gate open during peak hours.
  • Programmable real-time SMS messages identify who opened the gate sent immediately for high security applications.
  • Coded SMS messages may be sent to operate relays to switch-on lights, or open an auxiliary pedestrian gate.
  • External electrical circuits can be connected to send SMS messages when the state of a circuit changes.

We will supply a SIM card, program the unit and add authorised users making installation quick and easy. Then, we will register you on our online web-based updating system and guide you through its use. After that, you can call us whenever needed for remote advice and assistance.