Pro-Call Temp-Alert

The Pro-Call Temp-Alert is the answer for monitoring fridges, freezers, drug storage cabinets and computer rooms - if the temperature rises above a programmed "safety band", SMS messages are sent to inform up to seven cellphones. Similarly hot-houses, drying rooms, and ovens can be monitored to inform if the temperature has dropped below the lower limit of the safety band.

Other versions of the Pro-Call Temp-Alert are available - please call us for details.

Suitable for use in monitoring both cold applications such as fridges and freezers, or warm requirements such as ovens or drying plants, the Pro-Call Temp-Alert is housed within a splash-proof cabinet and is mains powered with an internal backup battery and charger. The water-proof remote temperature measurement probe has a connection cable about 5 metres long.

The safety band upper and lower temperature limits are set remotely by sending SMSes to the unit; the actual temperature of the monitored environment may be interrogated by SMS. Should the temperature rise above the upper limit of the safety band (in the case of monitoring cold applications) or fall below the lower limit (if monitoring heating applications), SMSes are sent to up to seven cellphones. When the environment is restored to within the safety band, restoral SMSes are sent.

The Pro-Call Temp-Alert will provide peace of mind to restaurant and supermarket owners, doctors and factory engineers, and could save money on insurance premiums.

  • Safety band may be set between -50° and +150° C by sending SMSes to the unit.
  • The temperature of the monitored environment may be queried by SMS.
  • Accuracy 1° C.
  • 10Amp relay may be switched on or off by dropped-call facility or coded SMS.
  • Mains powered with internal rechargeable NiCad backup battery.
  • Stand-by time after mains failure - 24 to 36 hours.
  • Mains-failure/restoral monitoring.
  • Splash-proof ABS plastic housing - 295 x 255 x 80mm.
  • Remotely programmable SMS messages may be sent to up to seven cellphones.

See our brochure for more details of the Pro-Call Temp-Alert.

Cellphone Systems have experienced industrial instrumentation engineers available to advise you on your application. We will also supply a SIM card and program the unit before delivery thus making installation easier. After installation you can call us whenever needed for remote advice and assistance.